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Release date: 4 June 2019


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3rd Party Software


IPEnv requires Mingw [download] or Cygwin [download] to be installed.
If you are using Cygwin it is recommended to install the Cygwin developers’ suite as well.


7-PDF can be used to read many different document types such as MS Office (.doc .docx .xls .xlsx .ppt .pptx) and OpenOffice (.odt). If you have not installed this package yet, you will be asked to do so while installing IPEnv.


ImageMagick comprises a set of image processing tools and an image processing library. ImageMagick comes with the IPEnv distribution.


If you want to view or convert postscript files (.ps or .eps) to another image format you will need to install ghostscript.


IPEnv is using WinMerge as a diff tool. This utility comes along with the package, but you can download the whole source code from here.


Curl is a command line tool for transfering data with URLs. The library comes with the IPEnv distribution.


7-zip is a comprehensive file archiver tool, and is used in the background to have access to and create archive files. 7-zip comes with the IPEnv distribution.